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From Parents…

“Adam Rowland with Advanta Therapy provided weekly speech therapy for 1 hour in my home to my 2 year old son for 11 months.  My son quickly related to Adam and Adam was able to get my son to say sentences that I could not imagine were possible.  Adam went beyond the normal realm of speech therapist by printing picture exchange cards, introducing appropriate iPad apps, bringing specific toys to engage my child and experiencing outside play.  I would highly recommend Advanta and after  11 months of therapy, my son tested age appropriate.”

“We could not have been happier with our Advanta therapy experience.  Prior to therapy, our 2 year old son said about 4 words and used some signs.  Gina provided us with ideas and suggestions for each step of his speech development always pushing him a little further but never to frustration.  She was always encouraging to our son and to us as parents, as well as offering reassurance of his progress and development.  All of our interactions were professional and still fun for our son.  He looked forward to “Gina Day” and to the games, activities and tasks she had for him that day.  We really appreciated how she included our older son in the therapy sessions as well.  He got to be a part of the therapy activities and therefore play a part in his little brother’s progress.  It also helped him to carry throughout the week because he too knew what his brother was working on.

We as parents also appreciated how Gina kept us informed of how our son was progressing and where he was developmentally. Even as we prepared to exit the program, she gave us a list of what was normal development going forward and which sounds and clusters to expect in the future.  She has also been willing to answer any question I have had since he tested out of speech which puts us at ease going forward.

Last of all the therapy approach always took into account the types of activities that our son enjoyed doing and incorporated new ideas as he changed and as the seasons changed.  Being our first speech experience, we were very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend Advanta and it’s therapists to other parents. ”

“Gina helped with our son’s speech.  He made incredible progress with her.  I am so impressed.  Gina went out of her way and involved other children in the environment.  I would recommend Gina to anyone.  We have had speech with another agency and the company was nowhere near as helpful as Gina. I am so grateful for her help with our son!”


“Our family could not have been more pleased with the care our daughter received from your organization.  I believe our daughter fell in love with Gina the moment she first walked through the door.  Our daughter tends to be shy and hesitant to talk with unfamiliar people, so I was amazed with how quickly she responded to Gina.  It was obvious that Gina enjoys her job and was genuinely interested in helping our daughter’s speech progression.  Gina gave many tips on how we could help our daughter at home and took time to help me understand her thoughts and techniques, regarding the therapy.  It wasn’t long at all until we noticed improvement.  Our time with Advanta felt more like weekly visits from a friend than speech therapy sessions.  To this day, our daughter still asks me to call Gina to see if she can come over to play.  We are so grateful for the service you provided our family.  The level of comfort we felt with Gina in our home, the sincerity of her care, and the kindness she showed made a lasting impression on all of us.  Thank you!”

“My son at 2 years old had a vocabulary of 5 words.  After Adam spent 45 minutes with him he was saying and signing 4 words.  Adam’s help with my son greatly improved our lives.  And now our son is speaking as a normal 3 ½ year old.  Thank you Adam.”

American Speech-Language Hearing Association Certified Member