147Our practice provides both individual and group therapy sessions for speech, language and dysphagia disorders.  Other services include a child articulation group and language play group.

Could My Child Benefit from Speech Therapy?

By 6 months to 1 year:
- Babbles by repeating the same sound (baby says, “ba ba ba”)
- Later mixes different sounds (baby says, “ba ma ut”)
- Turns and looks at a speaker when name is called

By 1 year to 2 years:
- Develops growing vocabulary of single words  (child says, “mama”, “puppy”, “ball”, “juice”)
- Follows simple commands
- Vocabulary grows consistently every month
- Starts combining 2 words around  2 years  (child says, “bye mama”, “juice please”, “no touch”)

By 2 years to 3 years:

- Follows two step commands
- Able to sit for short periods to listen to a book/story/ tv show
- Uses words for almost everything (“Eat candy now”, “Play doggie please”)
- Has a variety of consonant sounds (m,n,p,b,w,h,t,d)
- Speech is generally understood by familiar listeners most of the time
- Emerging use of pronouns, plurals, and verb endings

By 3 years to 4 years:
- Answers “wh” questions
- Sentences have 3 to 4 words (“Me jump high”, “Daddy go bye bye now”, “I want more juice”)
- Understood by all listeners most of the time
- Recognizes written name, letters, numbers

By 4 years to 5 years:
- Able to attend to activities for longer periods of time
- Asks questions about details of stories and events
- Tells stories about daily events
- Communicates easily with others
- Uses pronouns, plurals, verbs endings accurately

6 years to 7 years:
- Uses almost all sounds correctly
- Grammar is like that of the rest of the family


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